On Saturday, I ventured over to Sterling for the afternoon to help out the MRC Sterling Classic Road Race. On my way to check in I bumped into former teammate and all around cool dude, Jim English. He asked when I was going to start blogging again… because he needed a laugh. Well Jim, If you’re reading this, the dry spell is now over.

My blogging break, which lasted for two solid months and 16 days, was action packed with school, applying for jobs, and of course riding bikes. On the school front, I am done! On Saturday I graduate. Nuts. It hasn’t quite hit me yet that I am all done. On Sunday I will be having a graduation party at my house in Shirley. Anyone who wants to come is invited. I think it’s at 4 pm… I’ll have to check with my Ma.

On the job front…I have a job. I sent out no less than 30 personalized applications, cover letters, resumes, and portfolios to lots of different companies. I heard back from a few but lots suggested I try back at the end of the summer when more were hiring. I think that part of me was too picky and limited the range of the skills and knowledge I have picked up… but I know what I want to do. I was hired as the Creative Director (in charge of designing logos, packaging, managing web sites, promotional material, and so much more…) at a sporting goods manufacturer (which also happens to be my family’s business). I am super excited about this because I get to do everything which I love doing. Yea!

Biking is also going well. I haven’t raced yet this year or have even bought my racing license. My plan is to only mountain bike race over the summer and mainly focus on the long 6, 12, and 24 hr events. Every once and a while I’ll throw in a regular xc race for fun. I want to save up as much money as I can though because there is lots of stuff I would like to buy, I would like to move out of Shirley by the end of the summer, and I will be racing cross every weekend come the fall. As of now, I am super excited about how crisp and dark my tan lines are this early in the season.

Yea. Oh and thanks to all those people which still came to this site to see if I had posted anything. Surprisingly there were about 40 hits (on average) every day over the last few months.


I woke up nice and early,  ate some b-fast, and jetted off to Lincoln Woods for some sweet riding.  My fingers were crossed and hoping for completely ride-able conditions… and that’s what I got. 

It was a bit nippy and there were random patches ice, but all things considered, it was  great to be zipping in and out of trees again.  The ride was cut short (after about an hour and a half) when I began getting hunger pains which forced me to retreat back to my bachelor pad to stuff my face with some chili.  I love chili.

I finished writing 15 cover letters last night.  Those will be sent out in a little care package to 15 lucky companies over the weekend along with my resume, work samples, personality, and of course… the business cards. 

My fingers are crossed.  You should cross yours too.



I was checking you stuff online, very cool!  you have a good eye for shit, can I reccomend this site for you


it is a photography journal, because you need more ways to interact on the web :)
the point of the site is that you need to take a photo a day, and post it on your journal/gallery. the photo has to be taken on the day that you post it. the point is that it makes you a better photographer if you have foto homework daily. it also makes you look at shit differently, and there are some kick ass photo dudes in there to learn from.

just saying….

Awesome, I just signed up.  You can follow me here: http://www.blipfoto.com/bjurga 

Thanks Rob!

This is going to be fun & easy.

You’re probably at home and bored.  You don’t know what to do on your day off… right? Well…

… I just did a massive redesign of my portfolio site.  Now, it actually looks good.  

This is where you come in:  Please look at it.  If you see something wrong, out of place, a typo, something I shouldn’t say, something I maybe should say, something you like, something you dislike… let me know.  Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail.

Ive been looking at this for a while and am virtually immune to noticing anything wrong now.  I’ve gotta take a break… and stay awake for saftey’s sake. 

Thanks in advance :)

… and I have 100 copies of card #2 printed, thanks to Staples.

Which one should I pick?



Temperatures were soaring over here on the East Coast today.  It felt like 50 degrees outside but even more so, when biking and in the sun, it was just… ahhhhhh perfect.  No hat, no gloves, and no winter jacket.  I even contemplated beginning to work on my tan lines… but ruled against it.


A few reasons made me put on my leg warmers.  Firstly, my legs are a forest right now.  Ever since I started shaving ‘em for racing, I just feel weird when I rock the bibs and my legs don’t look fast.  It’s all or nothing.  Once the temp increases another 10 degrees I’ll be busting out the clippers and Venus razor.


Secondly, the roads are a mess.  Water water everywhere.  No Ice though… so that’s a huge plus.   Having that extra layer between me and the puddles, besides my leg fur, is kinda nice.  You just don’t get cold.  Yea.


3 hrs in the books today.  I have no clue how far I went but I was riding just how I wanted too. 


I need a haircut.  dsc02089

With temperatures predicted to be in the 40’s over the weekend, I planned to venture home for part of the weekend to get in some solid miles with my brother and his new custom IF which can be set up for road, cross, single speeding, can be broken in half for traveling, and even has all of these extra little do hickeys which allow for fenders/racks to be thrown on as well. It’s pretty awesome. Anyway, plans changed mid week when I began to develop the beginnings of what would be a cold which would knock me out of commission through the rest of the weekend.

I went home anyway though. There is nothing like having a full fridge at your fingertips compared to the random assortment of food I have here at school… which includes salsa. Salsa can be put on anything or just eaten with a spoon straight out of the jar. I’m guilty.

So no riding happened from Thursday through this morning (Monday). I did put in 3 hrs today and have the same planned for tomorrow. 

Within the next couple days I’ll be registering for the first race of the year. I’ve also been chatting with Rich about 24 Hours of Great Glen. Looks like a 2 man team. For 24 Hours of Pats peak I’m set on solo.

With temps in the 40’s today I was determined to get into the woods and give it my best shot of riding despite all of the snow which is still around.  To make a long story short…it was impossible to ride anywhere… except for down stuff.  I like riding down stuff.

Twice I hiked my way up through 6 inches of dense wet snow to the highest point Lincoln Woods has to offer.  Now if you’ve ridden at Lincoln Woods you know that you are most likely riding uphill or downhill the whole entire time.  As a result, the two trips I spent pushing my bike up hills were well spent on the slip sliding journey on the way down.  


Beautiful roads and the “Ass Pole.”


Don’t worry… it says it on the other side too. 


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